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A week dedicated to igniting, fostering, and celebrating
entrepreneurship in the Basel region.

Each year in November, the Global Entrepreneurship Week serves as a worldwide event uniting approximately 160 countries, with a central focus on the theme of entrepreneurship.



Global Entrepreneurship Week Basel

Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW) - Basel is a week dedicated to entrepreneurs with the motto “Celebrating Entrepreneurship”. The week provides a space to bring together entrepreneurs and supporters for learning, networking, and getting inspiration to spread entrepreneurial spirit in the region.

The GEW is powered in Basel by the Global Entrepreneurship Network Basel association.


Again this year, from the 13th to the 17th of November 2023, an open series of events to engage the entrepreneurial community will be provided by local institutions and entrepreneurs themselves. These events include hands-on sessions, a prize ceremony, meetups, and input sessions. Together, this is a great opportunity to learn about the entrepreneurs of the region, brainstorm and network with like minded people, and unlock your entrepreneurial potential. 


The Basel region has a unique history of entrepreneurship and re-invention fueled by an international outlook, a position on the Rhine and a community ready to support new ideas. This history and a future of continued entrepreneurship is worth celebrating. That is why the week will lead up to the 3rd annual entrepreneurship gala hosted by GEW Basel.

Check out the GEWs and their programs in other Swiss cities: Lausanne & Geneva

Team 2023

The organizing committee is a dedicated group of individuals who work throughout the year with a singular goal in mind: to ignite and foster entrepreneurship in the Basel region.

Their commitment and enthusiasm lie in creating a platform that brings together aspiring and seasoned entrepreneurs, mentors, and supporting organizations. They aim to create a program that encourages innovation, collaboration, knowledge sharing, and celebration.

If you want to join us, just drop us a note here.

Alain Bindels


Eleftheria Egel


Maarten Van Winckel

Sponsoring, Gala

Oliver Glättli


Arianna Ramirez


Fatma Oezdemir-Zaech


Markus Kindle

Week, Board member

Céline Bedu

Gala, Communication

Josua Wehner

Program, Gala

Maurus Basler


Douglas Häggström

Gala, Program

Lucie Pribylova


Mitja Messerli


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