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HR in startups - How to build a good team?

HR in startups - How to build a good team?

HR in Start Ups – Why is it important?

- Identifying staffing requirements

- Clarifying roles & responsibilities

- Taking decisions in a Start Up environment 

This course night is part of the Innosuisse Module 2: Entrerpreneurship Training course. Business Concept is a module of the Start-up Training program promoted by Innosuisse, the Swiss innovation agency, and is organized and conducted by the Innovation Office University of Basel.

During the 12 –week course, you will acquire theoretical and practical skills such as pitching, how to set up your team, creating a financial plan, getting to know your customer, working with the business model canvas and many more. Additionally, you will get to know many like-minded people and will become a part of the Basel entrepreneurial ecosystem.

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